Prisma launches Austria’s first digital credit insurance

For business start-ups and new economy: “Prisma Select“, a simple and fast online insurance for B2B business transactions

Prisma launches Austria’s first digital credit insurance

Offering Austria’s first online credit insurance, Prisma aims to simplify the “insurance-life“ for business start-ups, individual and small enterprises. Individual, short-notice business transactions with specified customers can be insured in a simple way – for an insurance amount between EUR 1,000 and 300,000. The insurance covers deliveries or services in the B2B sector within the European Union, to Norway, Switzerland or Liechtenstein.

Risk-conscious entrepreneurs register once at for Prisma Select. After that, login is possible any time and anywhere to insure business transactions.

The way to hedge outstanding accounts receivable is the following: First the supplier chooses the term of the transaction – which must be between three and twelve months. Then the company must be searched, to which to deliver. In the next step the insurance amount is entered and confirmed. Immediately after confirmation, the requesting party sees its offer on the screen – of course with the conditions under which the customer can be assured. By one more click, the business transaction is insured. All legally relevant insurance documents are sent electronically.