Primetals transfers more responsibilities to LogServ

Primetals (former Siemens VAI) has been a customer of LogServ since the logistics provider had been founded

Primetals transfers more responsibilities to LogServ

The former company voestalpine Industrieanlagenbau was renamed into today’s Primetals. The joint venture formed by Siemens and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries is a global leader when it comes to industrial facilities in the metallurgical segment. Since 2001 the company, VA Tech at that time, has been a customer of LogServ.

The realignment of Primetals and the triennial contract negotiations were accompanied by an examination of the existing logistics services.

The evaluation and the comparison with other logistics providers showed a highly satisfactory result. LogServ was declared a benchmark.

Especially the close coordination of customer requirements, mutual trust and the high transparency of the business relations resulted in a renewal of the contract for another three years. In this context LogServ was awarded more tasks, such as the selection of logistics partners.

What makes an industrial engineering company special is the volatile order situation. Therefore, coordination and harmonisation is a key success factor for a perfect business relation. A specially designed planning tool helps with daily coordination with the client.