Price adjustments and numerous investments at DHL Parcel Europe

Europe-wide resource and capacity shortagess as cost drivers; Expansion of the network and infrastructure

Price adjustments and numerous investments at DHL Parcel Europe

HL Paket increases its package prices with effect on 1 January 2019 in Austria, as well as in all other countries with its own delivery organization. “The measure is based on several factors such as inflation, price volatility (where applicable) and general cost increases, with price adjustments varying from country to country depending on local conditions,” the company notes in a press release.

However, adjustments for 2019 are caused by a number of factors affecting the entire European scope. Driven by the high demand for logistics services and at the same time limited labor markets, there has been a significant increase in transport and personnel costs throughout Europe. At the same time, DHL Parcel Europe continues to expand its pan-European parcel network and announces significant investments in the package infrastructure.

“We will further optimize our network to make our customers even more successful in their business,” says Achim Dünnwald, CEO of Parcel Europe. “Therefore, we are investing heavily in the expansion of our European parcel network. This includes the construction of new distribution centers and depots in Austria, Switzerland, Poland and the Netherlands. In addition, we will significantly improve the infrastructure of our DHL parcel shops across Europe while continuing to invest in a first-class, customer-friendly IT infrastructure. “

The continuous growth of e-commerce markets creates immense opportunities for online retailers throughout Europe and this development results in ever-increasing parcel volumes. “Customer satisfaction in terms of parcel delivery is one of the key factors for continued success in e-commerce,” explains Günter Birnstingl, CEO DHL Paket (Austria). “Therefore, it will be important in the future to exchange information on expected shipping volumes more accurately and regularly, primarily with our main customers, in order to provide a satisfactory service to all involved.”

DHL Paket currently has its own delivery organizations in twelve European countries. The unified DHL Parcel Connect service was launched in 2014 and currently covers 27 countries that are part of the DHL Parcel Europe network.

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