Prangl forging into a new dimension of cranes

Prangl Gesellschaft m.b.H. puts into operation Austria’s most powerful telescopic crane

Prangl forging into a new dimension of cranes

The 9-axle PTK 1000 is classed as the world’s most powerful road-going all-terrain crane, and – with a 50-metre-long main boom – is able to reach almost any job site by road. With a maximum length of 163.5 metres, it was specially developed for major construction projects, wind farms, industrial installations, and high-rise projects.

On site, PTK 1000 has the shortest setup time of any crane in its class. In addition, a wide selection of extensions and attachments is available, all of which were designed for transport by standard semi-trailers. This allows mobilisation costs to be fully optimised.

One particular feature of the extensions is that they allow the main boom to be upgraded by another 50 metres for a total of 100 metres. SSL technology increases the loading capacity for a variety of usage areas with a telescopic boom.

A variable steering system with active, speed-dependent, and electronically controlled rear-axle steering ensures outstanding maneuverability and directional stability – despite the vehicle’s impressive length of 20.31 metres – as well as excellent handling on all terrain and road conditions. This brings the PTK 1000 into play in all situations.

This behemoth will have its “maiden voyage” at Windpark Pretul (1,600 metres above sea level), where Prangl is the sole contractor for all crane and logistics services. The project had a lead time of two years and, in addition to the most powerful telescopic crane in Austria, also features a 600 tonne lattice boom crane, a 280 tonne telescopic crawler crane, self-propelled heavy-duty modules, a blade transport system, various auxiliary cranes, and numerous aerial work platforms and telehandlers. Moreover, all road transport is also being handled by the experts from Prangl.