Post takes action for LGV Frischgemüse

“Gärtnerkistl“: Austrian Post launches nationwide delivery service for freshly harvested vegetables

Post takes action for LGV Frischgemüse

Yesterday still on the plant, today already on the plate- without exhausting shopping trips and in domestic top quality. Thanks to a new cooperation of LGV Frischgemüse and the Austrian Post, the “Gärtnerkistl” of LGV gardeners is delivered right to your door throughout Austria, from June 21.

In the online shop of LGV-Frischgemüse (, pre-compiled “Gärtnerkistl“ or individually combined packages with seasonal vegetables and herbs can be ordered. The fresh vegetables, cultivated by the family-run businesses of LGV Frischgemüse carry the AMA seal of quality and are GMO-free.

Special food containers and corresponding cold packs of the Austrian Post enable safe transport and guaranteed refrigeration for up to 48 hours. The delivery takes place one day after the order was placed. The food containers can be returned to the delivery agent by the customer.

“Thanks to our colaboration with the Austrian Post, our fresh vegetables end up on Austrian plates as quickly as possible and in a comfortable and environmentally friendly way,” declared CEO of LGV Frischgemüse Mag. (FH) Florian Bell, delighted about the benefits of the new partnership.

“The service of food delivery throughout Austria has been offered by the Austrian Post since 2015. We offer what shippers and consumers want: Fast, service-oriented and climate-neutral delivery to the apartment door and fresh products thanks to an effective delivery system,” says DI Peter Umundum, Executive Parcel & Logistics of the Österreichische Post AG, who stresses that the Austrian Post can also offer same-day delivery upon request of the sender in large urban areas.

LGV Frischgemüse is a cooperative that unites around 110 families of gardeners in Vienna and Lower Austria and has been in existence for 70 years. During the local season the vegetable collection of LGV gardeners includes around 40 different varieties. These include both classics such as peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers as well as specialties such as aubergine, beefsteak tomatoes or chilies.