Post set new record: 750,000 parcels in one day

DHL cooperation increases efficiency thanks to Austrian Post’s “green” measures

Post set new record: 750,000 parcels in one day Bild: Österreichische Post

The parcel services companies transport many shipments in one vehicle: this reduces the CO2 balance for each item supplied.
The flourishing Christmas business has helped Austrian Post to set a new daily record: following 672,000 parcels processed on 17 December of the previous year, which had already been surpassed in August this year, volumes reached a new all-time high on 2nd December 2019 with 750,000 parcels in just one day.
This was due to the enormous organic growth of the parcel market on the one hand, and the takeover of Deutsche Post DHL Group’s parcels by Österreichische Post AG on the other hand, which also ensured a more climate-friendly delivery of the parcels in Austria, according to a press release.

With the takeover of the parcels, which Post has been delivering for Deutsche Post DHL Group in Austria since this summer, it was possible to save 13 percent of CO2 – compared to the processes prior to the cooperation – by increasing efficiency. This was enabled primarily by the consolidation of parcel volumes in rural regions and the associated “green” measures taken by Austrian Post.