PortShuttle in Rotterdam launches second regular container service

Significantly more connections for container exchange between the hinterland and the Maasvlakte terminals

PortShuttle in Rotterdam launches second regular container service

The PortShuttle in Rotterdam has introduced an additional option for container exchange on the trade between the CTT Pernis terminal and the deepsea container terminals at Maasvlakte. This second service is operates three times a week.

The PortShuttle was launched in 2015 as a neutral rail shuttle serving the Rail Service Center (RSC) Rotterdam and all of the Deepsea container terminals five times a week. This makes the handling of containers not only faster and more environmentally friendly, but also up to 20 percent less expensive.

With the second train service, PortShuttle operators are responding to specific requests from the market for the connection to the CTT Pernis terminal. The additional service strengthens the position of rail-bound cargo transport on a multimodal basis and optimises the entire logistics chain with the port of Rotterdam as a trans-shipment point between overseas, short sea and the hinterland.