Port of Vienna expands its car depot for Lagermax

Lagermax Autotransport GmbH operates over 7 ha for the handling and storage of new and used vehicles in the port of Vienna

Port of Vienna expands its car depot for Lagermax

The port of Vienna, a company of Wien Holding, adds 3,000 m² to its open car warehouse for the Lagermax group, including its subsidiaries Autoservice Wien and Frikus.  The freight forwarding group, which focuses on car logistics, is the biggest customer of the Port of Vienna.

The Lagermax Group now rents a total space of approximately 74,000 m². Last year they handled almost 42,000 new and used cars for the car logistician headquartered in Straßwalchen (Lagermax: 35.763; Autoservice Wien: 4,979; and Frikus: 1,256).

“Without such a large-scale location as in Vienna, our logistics operations would be inconceivable due to shorter delivery periods and the permanently changing legal framework,” said Dorian Deisenhammer, Managing Director of Lagermax Autotransport GmbH.

Services such as washing and interior cleaning are also carried out in cooperation with the Port of Vienna. Experts reports are also part of the portfolio. The joint goals for the future include a new IT interface and joint infrastructure projects.