Port of Hamburg maintains its top position in the Czech Republic

Thanks to the short distances, the North German seaport offers a wide range of transport options for fast processing of Czech import and export goods

Port of Hamburg maintains its top position in the Czech Republic

“The Czech Republic is one of the most important markets in Central Europe for the Port of Hamburg, and we are proud that Hamburg is also the most important port for the Czech Republic”, emphasised Vladimir Dobos, Head of the Port of Hamburg Marketing representative office in Prague in October in the rooms of the Prague Municipal House.

More than 470,000 containers were transported in 2016 between the port of Hamburg and Czech container terminals. Ingo Egloff, Managing Director Hamburg Marketing, emphasised in his welcoming speech to the more than 250 guests that more than 90 percent of the import and export containers to and from Hamburg are transported by rail, and hence in an environmentally friendly manner. There are currently around 100 weekly container train connections between the terminals in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and the container terminals in the Port of Hamburg, operated by Metrans.

From the annual 3 million tonnes of goods transported to and from the Czech Republic via the port of Hamburg, electronics, chemical products, machines, fuels and lubricants dominate the imports. Czech exports, which use Hamburg’s close-knit network of 120 global lines, are mainly motor vehicle parts, motor vehicles, electronics, machines and chemical products.

In addition to the shipments destined for the Czech market, transit goods are forwarded via the Czech Republic to Slovakia, Austria and Hungary.