Port of Antwerp starts new year with new logo

A new year, a new mission and vision for a port with grand ambitions call for a powerful brand with a dynamic appearance

Port of Antwerp starts new year with new logo

On 8 January the Antwerp Port Authority unveiled the new Port of Antwerp branding. It is an extension of the previous with a more current look and with an emphasis on connectivity, accessibility and more attention for the human character of a port.

A home port as a lever to a sustainable future, is how the Port of Antwerp wants to position itself in the world. Thereby the emphasis is on connecting clients, colleagues, stakeholders and the environment. That promise now takes shape in a new logo and a new baseline : ‘in tune with the world’.

Jacques Vandermeiren, “In tune with world. In this quickly evolving and unpredictable world It’s more important than ever to combine forces and to cooperate. It is our mission as Port of Antwerp to bring together people and communities to face future challenges. Only then can we be successful to realise for instance mobility solutions, or innovative projects relating to energy transition and digitalisation. The new branding embodies this new direction and is a symbol for the port of the future.”

The Port of Antwerp wants to be a safe and sustainable home port, in a quickly changing world, that sets up valuable synergies with its’ partners. The port wants to be a pioneer with its eye on innovation and digitalisation. The new business plan 2018-2020 will be the compass for that, with five very specific strategic priorities: sustainable growth, mobility, transition, safety & security and operational excellence.

“The time was there to freshen up the old branding. Internationally the logo and the brand are a fixed value, a quality brand. Also locally it is very well known and a familiar brand. That’s why we chose for an evolution, rather than a radical change in style and therefore built further on our rich tradition. The round shapes of the logo then again symbolize cooperation, the accessibility and the dynamics of the port. Besides that the vivid red radiates power and vitality. The port is a beacon of trust in a sea full of changes. With a renewed, powerful positioning and look, we put the Port of Antwerp on the world map,” says Nathalie Van Impe, Chief Communication & Marketing Officer.

All communication channels -and bearers online as well as on tugboats and flags will also be refreshed.