Port of Antwerp: boost in refrigerated containers in 2019

A growing number of transports of perishable goods from Latin America boosts the Belgian port’s position in the reefer market

Port of Antwerp: boost in refrigerated containers in 2019 Bild: Eolis Belgium

In 2019 the port once again experienced strong growth in perishables, handling a total of 871,757 TEU of reefer containers, up 7.2% compared with the previous year.

This rapid progression is the consequence of the increasing number of reefer services from Latin America choosing Antwerp as their first port of call in Europe. Latin America is the world’s largest exporter of perishables to Europe.

Container shipping companies operating in the big reefer markets of Latin American are increasingly choosing Antwerp as their first European port of call. Antwerp’s central position deep inland offers shippers short transit times for perishables on their way to large consumer markets in Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Germany and beyond.

The Port of Antwerp handles a total freight volume of 238 million tonnes of international seaborne cargo per year. The port houses the biggest petrochemical cluster in Europe. More than 300 liner services to more than 800 destinations ensure global connection. .