Port Duisburg: First step towards an LNG infrastructure

Installing a new filling station, RWE Supply & Trading is picking up the increasing interest in LNG in Germany and Europe

Port Duisburg: First step towards an LNG infrastructure Bild: RWE

Minus 161 degrees Celsius and a 600th of its normal volume: This is Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG). As of now, commercial vehicles of the Duisburg port can fuel this. Duisburger Hafen AG and RWE Supply & Trading GmbH officially opened their joint LNG filling station as part of this year’s RWE Energy Dialogue, RWE’s industrial customer event.

The mobile fuel station is the first step towards setting up LNG infrastructure. The goal is to establish the use of LNG as an environmentally friendly fuel in the port of Duisburg. The LNG station will create a functioning environment for the use of this fuel in the region.

“We are pushing the expansion of the LNG infrastructure in the port of Duisburg. This will make an important environmental contribution to reducing local emissions,” said Erich Staake, Chairman of the Executive Board of Duisburger Hafen AG.

The plant reduces CO2 and other emissions and strengthens the location and the region also from an economical point of view. The results obtained will feed into a long-term business model for the use of LNG as fuel.

In the initial phase, reach stackers and terminal tractors were converted to LNG. They are now being tested in dual diesel and LNG as well as pure LNG operation.

“We are proud to contribute to reduce emissions in the port of Duisburg”, says Andree Stracke, Member of the Management Board of RWE Supply & Trading GmbH, responsible for the industrial customer and LNG business. “The next step is to expand the use of LNG in the port of Duisburg to other vehicles.”

The LNG filling station is part of a joint research project by RWE Supply & Trading, duisport and the University of Duisburg-Essen. Thanks to its groundbreaking innovative potential, the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) is funding the LNG infrastructure project with EUR 740,000.