Port area Steinwerder Süd to be set up in two steps

The 32.6-hectare site is one of the key reserve areas for the future development of Hamburg’s port

Port area Steinwerder Süd to be set up in two steps Bild: HPA

The Hamburg Port Authority (HPA) is presenting the new port location Steinwerder Süd from 7 to 9 October 2019, at the real estate fair Expo Real in Munich. The Hansaterminal and Roßterminal at the Oderhafen port are being restructured to create the 32.6 hectare, future-proof area.

The HPA is planning to convert the land into a pioneering port area. The Ross and Hansaterminal as well as the Oderhafen in between are going to be raised for reasons of flood protection from today’s about 5.5 meters normal altitude to about eight meters.

The emerging area will be able to adapt flexibly to its changing lifecycle over its entire lifespan, thereby relieving public finances and the environment, as the land can be used over long periods of time without the need for a complex, complete infrastructure renovation.

The aim of HPA is to locate port-typical uses that create a high level of added value and create as many jobs as possible. Steinwerder Süd will help to improve the limited space available in the port in the short and medium term and strengthen the port’s competitive position in the long term.

The restructuring of the site will be carried out in two steps: First, an efficient area optimised and future uses will be created (“preparatory measure”). Then, depending on requirements, the flexible final construction will be carried out, for example the construction of quay walls or the development of roads and railways (“final construction”). The subject of the current plan documents for Steinwerder Süd is solely preparatory works.