PKP Cargo established a freight forwarding company in Germany

PKP Cargo Connect is responsible, among others, for intermodal transport services, as well as national and international rail bound transport services

PKP Cargo established a freight forwarding company in Germany

Since the beginning of June PKP Cargo has a freight forwarding company in Germany – the PKP Cargo Connect GmbH with its headquarters in Hamburg. Its main task is to focus on intermodal, maritime and road freight transport. The new company covers also the operation of a customs office.

“Running an own shipping company in the country with the biggest economy in the European Union is an unprecedented event for us,” says Grzegorz Fingas, member of the PKP CargoBoard for trade matters. “This way we want to develop the Group’s activities on subsequent markets and gain customers. The new company will naturally use the transport potential of PKP Cargo.”

Initially, the German freight forwarder from the PKP Cargo Group will focus on attracting customers in Europe. Its key markets will be Poland, Germany, Czech Republic and Slovakia, however the experiences in freight forwarding and competences of the Group give strong predispositions to expand the activity on the whole area of the old continent.

“The  access to the German market represents a huge opportunity for us to further increase the scale of operations. The launch of a freight forwarding company in Germany is a consequence of the development of PKP Cargo. We have the experience and competences in the field of freight forwarding; we want to use them to grow on foreign markets,” says Iwona Skurzewska, Member of the Board of PKP Cargo Connect.