Pharma Logistik Austria drives European networking

Dealing with highly sensitive drugs is the core competence of the subsidiary of Richter Pharma AG in Wels

Pharma Logistik Austria drives European networking

“The setting up of our European network is progressing. First evaluation discussions with potential partners in Europe resulted in a shortlist,” said Mag. Roland Huemer, CEO of Pharma Logistik Austria GmbH, at the 100th anniversary celebration of Richter Pharma AG.

As a specialised partner in the pharmaceuticals market, Pharma Logistik Austria is taking over the logistics responsibility for national and multi-national pharmaceutical manufacturers. The service provider has many years of experience in the handling of highly sensitive pharmaceuticals and other goods. Focusing on cytostatics, narcotics, emergency- and cold-chain-products, the company offers this competence to the customers. In addition to pure logistics, a further focus is on the development of new service packages and marketing services together with the pharmaceutical industry.

Richter Pharma AG, headquartered in Wels achieved sales of EUR 493 million in the 2015 fiscal year (+ 18% on the previous year). Pharma Logistik Austria, a 100% subsidiary, accounted for a turnover of EUR 298 million.;