Petra Herrmann appointed new managing director of the European customs network

The European Customs Solution Group (ECSG) is to be headed by an experienced customs, export and compliance manager

Petra Herrmann appointed new managing director of the European customs network

Petra Herrmann swapped positions as CEO of Siemens Windpower to customs and export service provider company Porath Customs Agents from Hamburg. The 52-year old manager had been working since 2014 as Head of Export Control and Customs for the Danish Siemens Windpower A/S after previously occupied positions at Panasonic Europe, Delphi Automotive, Hewlett Packard and PwC.

At Porath the experienced manager in the field of customs, export and compliance is heading, among other things, the newly founded European customs network “The European Customs Solution Group “(ECSG), based in Hamburg. ECSG unites 25 customs offices with 250 customs experts in 13 European countries.

Given the multinational purchase and sales markets, increasing cost pressure and higher compliance risk, more and more companies are looking for a compatible and cost-effective one-stop customs solution for all import and export operations, including competent expert advice on all customs-related business processes.

Porath Customs Agents and their expert Petra Herrmann, who among other things was a teacher at the former “Kühne School of Logistics” and the Hamburg Customs Academy, can provide its customers with such service. “As a responsible manager in a company I have always wished for thoughtful outsourcing solutions”, explains Herrmann: “Now we can offer solutions tailored to the size of the business to companies of any size”.

Operating five locations in Germany, Poland and the Netherlands, Porath is one of the leading German and European suppliers for international customs and export services. The service portfolio for companies, traders and the logistics sector ranges from advice on all customs-related business processes to complete compliance-corresponding customs management for imports and exports.