Parcel company DPD Austria opens City Hub in Salzburg

After the City Hub in Seestadt Aspern in Vienna, this is the second parcel shop DPD runs on its own

Parcel company DPD Austria opens City Hub in Salzburg

The DPD City Hub in Salzburg – operated by the DPD shareholder Lagermax – was opened in early June. It also serves as one of the 28 DPD parcel pick up shops in the city of Salzburg, where parcels that can not be delivered to their recipients, can be stored and picked up by the recipients later on. The parcel shop is also available for sending and returning parcels.

“In addition to the responsibility to care, social and ecological responsibility is very important to us. Accordingly, we are continually working on innovative concepts and solutions for parcel delivery on the last mile. With the City Hubs and the fine distribution of shipments by means of cargo bikes, we are also setting a clear sign in the sense of sustainability,” says Rainer Schwarz, Managing Director of DPD Austria.

Environmentally friendly, low-noise and low-carbon emissions – this is how DPD delivers parcels in the city of Salzburg since recently. On a distance of around 70 kilometers, two parcel deliverers are driving with e-cargo bikes, each with a loading capacity of 1.5 m³. Up to 70 parcels can be transported on the bike and can be delivered per tour. The average weight of a transported parcel is approximately 1.7 kilograms.

DPD Austria (DPD Direct Parcel Distribution Austria GmbH) is by its own account Austria’s leading private parcel service. The company of the dpdgroup, the second largest international parcel service provider in Europe. Founded in 1988 as Austria’s first parcel service (APS), the company is based on the logistics infrastructure of its shareholders – Gebrüder Weiss, Lagermax and Schachinger. A workforce of approximately 1,700 persons in Austria with a fleet of 1,000 vehicles shipped 43,8 million parcels in 2016. The DPD Pickup Parcelshop network now includes more than 1,200 pick-up and drop-off points throughout Austria.