Panalpina surpasses 1 million tons of Air Freight in 2018

The peak season in air freight has not been as dynamic as last year; visibility for 2019 is difficult

Panalpina surpasses 1 million tons of Air Freight in 2018

For Panalpina, China to Europe, Europe to China, Europe to the US and China to the US were the strongest air freight trade lanes in 2018. US air freight exports developed strongly towards the end of the year, reports Lloyd’s Loading List.

“The disciplined capacity management gave the carriers room to play in the spot market in anticipation of higher rates and potentially more attractive ad hoc charters during peak season. As a result, capacity has been scarce on selected trade lanes. The few freighters that were delivered in 2018 mostly went to the integrators, adding to the capacity crunch,” says Lucas Kuehner.

The “Spirit of Panalpina” was in high demand throughout the year, showing load factors well above industry average. Panalpina leases the nose-loading Boeing 747-8F plane on an ACMI (Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance and Insurance) basis from Atals Air. It is the backbone and star of the Panalpina Charter Network.

As to the outlook for 2019, visibility is made difficult because of the doubts surrounding the macroeconomic climate and geopolitical issues.