Omya testing first InnoTanks for Slurry

In April ÖBB and Innofreight presented the first two InnoTanks to Omya for testing purposes

Omya testing first InnoTanks for Slurry

The 30-feet InnoTanks are made of stainless steel and are insulated as well as tapered on both sides. Furthermore, their load capacity amounts to 69 tonnes per InnoWaggon. These containers, for which a patent application has been filed, were manufactured by the company Container, in Celje. Omya set out the technical requirements taking into account the fact that the InnoTanks will be employed in the future unrestrictedly on the international scale.

The most important advantages of the system combining the InnoTanks with the InnoWaggons when compared with the conventional special waggons employed so far are the following:

-) Flexibility and versatility – while the net loads remain the same as those on special waggons; it constitutes a perfect addition to the already existing Innofreight container system for the InnoWaggon

-) Easy cleaning as well as easy service and maintenance, since the container construction may be separated from the waggon

-) The option of being employed in the intermodal transportation

-) The option of being stored at the customer’s location, separately from the waggon

-) A chance to improve and optimise the operator’s logistics services

If the InnoTank completes the test phase successfully, it will go into production for the very first time in the 2nd half of the year.