OMV Smart Toll Europe as a uniform toll solution for trucks

Launch of OMV Smart Toll Europe from November 2018 in Austria and Hungary with full service including billing via the OMV Card

OMV Smart Toll Europe as a uniform toll solution for trucks

Different tolling systems present major challenges for internationally operating transport companies in Europe, because sometimes every country and even every individual motorway uses different toll boxes and different payment methods. OMV Smart Toll Europe, a Europe-wide uniform toll solution based on the EETS technology (European Electronic Toll Service) is now available.

Users of the OMV Card can use OMV Smart Toll Europe to pass cash-free toll stations, bridges and tunnels. The billing of the toll and tunnel fees is managed – as usual – by OMV.

The required toll box was developed by Kapsch TrafficCom. The clearing service will be provided by tolltickets, a member of the Kapsch Group, and will be launched in Austria and Hungary from November. Other European countries – including Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Belgium – will follow soon.

OMV is offering international carriers a customised full-service offer through the OMV Card. In addition to a dense network of OMV and Routex petrol stations throughout Europe, where high-quality fuels can be purchased, it offers cardholders integrated national toll solutions for over 20 European countries, as well as centralised billing for fuels, tolls, lubricants and accessories.

Introducing OMV Smart Toll Europe, OMV expands its wide range of services in the area of ​​tolls: the customer no longer has to deal with local toll systems or different toll boxes; can use transparent and cash-free payment via the OMV Card, all using just one box, one invoice and one contract.

“OMV Smart Toll Europe offers our customers a future-oriented and customised toll solution for the whole of Europe. In this way, we are taking up the initiative of the European Commission for the harmonisation of tolling systems in Europe and providing a straightforward and transparent solution. We look forward to the rollout and the gradual expansion of the area and thank our partner Kapsch TrafficCom for the great cooperation,” says Benedikt Hans, Head of Card at OMV.

Kapsch TrafficCom, the expert in intelligent transport systems, draws on many years of experience and extensive know-how in the development of the OMV Smart Toll Europe tollbooth via electronic toll collection systems and traffic telematics solutions. With more than 120 million toll boxes sold worldwide, the company has established itself as a global player for electronic toll collection systems. The toll settlement is provided by tolltickets. 

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