ÖBB puts its 2017 – 2022 framework plan on track

EUR 15.2 billion to expand the major rail corridors, increase the quality of the railway and shift cargo transports to the railway

ÖBB puts its 2017 – 2022 framework plan on track

Jörg Leichtfried, Minister of Infrastructure submitted the ÖBB’s framework plan for the years 2017-2022 to the Council of Ministers on 12 October. The Ministry of Infrastructure will provide EUR 15.2 billion for the further expansion of the railway in the coming years.

“Our investments create value for generations. Every year we earmark about EUR 2 billion for the further expansion of the railway, thus securing more than 40,000 jobs throughout Austria”, said Jörg Leichtfried. The framework plan provides for investments in all provinces and was a further step to implement the planned network of destinations 2025+.

In addition to expanding the southern section, and the construction of the Brenner Base Tunnel, a large part of the investments of the Ministry of Infrastructure flows in the expansion of the existing network. The modernisation of railway stations, the construction of Park&Ride facilities as well as improved mobile and wireless reception will further improve the quality of rail services.

A key objective of the ÖBB framework plan is the continued shift of cargo transport from road to rail. “A powerful rail network makes the railway more attractive for freight transport. In addition, the expansion of the cargo terminal in Wolfurt and the cargo center in Vienna creates important hubs for cargo transport by rail,” Jörg Leichtfried added.

The ÖBB’s six-years framework plan is supplemented annually and adjusted to each new period. Following the decision by the Federal Government, the framework plan will be submitted as a report to the National Council.