ÖBB operates its first hybrid locomotive with hydrogen-drive

ÖBB and HET Verkehrstechnik have presented another pilot locomotive with alternative drive

ÖBB operates its first hybrid locomotive with hydrogen-drive

The latest trend for renewable energies and discussions following the diesel scandal in Germany favor the development of emission-free drive systems, such as hydrogen propulsion. The project was launched by ÖBB and is part of a research commission of the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) and the Austrian Ministry of Transport (BMVIT).

The drive of a first test carrier (1063.039) of a competitor is based on the use of batteries and supercapacitors, while the second test carrier is based on the use of four 600 V lithium-ion batteries and a fuel cell. Two battery sets supply the traction motors with 1,200 V voltage. The battery packs are supplied either directly from the alternating current contact line or independently from the fuel cell, which is operated with hydrogen.

For the time being, a fuel cell with 30 kW power is provided in the test vehicle, which will soon be equipped with a more powerful one. A positive feature of this technology is that it provides a much wider range than a conventional battery solution.

Initially ÖBB supplied the 1063 series as prototype machines with five machines with a maximum performance of 1,520 kW and maximum speed of 80 km / h, followed by a total of 45 serial machines (maximum speed 100 km / h and 2 MW power) in three construction lots. Simmering-Graz-Pauker manufactured the mechanical parts and the companies BBC, Elin and Siemens provided the electrical parts.

The 1063.038 test carrier used is taken from the last lot (1063.038 to 050) obtained without the 25 kV / 50 Hz part. In the run-up to the reconstruction, it was given a design, which emphasises it is a pilot and on the new technology. This was changed after completion of the reconstruction work at the ÖBB TS-Werk Linz.

The first trials were already taking place in the vicinity of the conversion workshop – even under load – at the beginning of September 2017, the track test and the tests in shunting operation were successfully carried out during the 40th calendar week in the Attnang-Puchheim area.

With its own know-how and the new drive technology, HET Engineering GmbH hopes to be able to contribute significantly to the sustainability of new transport systems and is fully committed to the trend of an emission-free and environmentally friendly transport technology of the future.