ÖBB Group puts “Klimalok” on the rails

A trip with the ÖBB (Austrian Federal Railways) causes 15 times less CO2 than with the car and 21 times less than a truck for a ton of freight

ÖBB Group puts “Klimalok” on the rails

In Austria, the first ÖBB Klimalok takes off for “100% green mobility”. Andreas Matthä, CEO of ÖBB, and Transport Minister Ing. Norbert Hofer wished the locomotive a great deal of success for the future missions at the baptism of the Vienna Main Station on 16 October. With 10,000 hp and up to 230 km / h speed, the Taurus locomotive now carries the message of the environmental and climate protection campaign across the country. 

The ÖBB describe themselves as Austria’s largest climate protection company and want to make the railway even greener. For this purpose, one of the most ambitious climate protection packages in Austria was put together and presented in the summer. The first big success of this was the complete conversion to “100% green traction current” at the beginning of July. This makes ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG one of the most environmentally friendly railway infrastructure operators in Europe. 

Transport Minister Norbert Hofer also affirms that ÖBB is an essential part of the solution to the fight against climate change: “While transport-related greenhouse gas emissions in Austria have increased by almost 60 percent since 1990, ÖBB is continuously improving its CO2 balance. Rail makes an important contribution to more clean traffic and makes a major contribution to protecting the climate.” 

Around 3.5 million tonnes of carbon dioxide are saved by ÖBB and its customers every year. That’s the amount a Vorarlberg-sized forest would need to resume. Crucial to this are the passengers and customers from the logistics sector. 

ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG offers all railway companies “100% green traction” on their rail network. An important role is played by the eight own hydropower plants, which generate around one third of the required traction current. In addition, there is the world’s first traction current solar power plant in Lower Austria’s Wilfleinsdorf. In-house production is to be further increased. Plans are already underway to build further power plants in the future, which will provide “green railway power” from wind and solar energy. 

 The remaining amount of the required electricity comes from partner hydropower plants or is sourced from the public 50 Hz grid. The origin of renewable energies is confirmed by guarantees of origin. 


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