ÖBB aims to operate 100% CO2-neutrally in the long term

With the support of the environmental organisation Greenpeace, the Austrian rail transport company makes its trains “greener”

ÖBB aims to operate 100% CO2-neutrally in the long term

In recent years, ÖBB has been able to significantly increase its energy efficiency. Together with Greenpeace, the mobility service provider is now launching an entirely new chapter in environmental protection: the cooperation focuses on a phased plan to achieve CO2 neutrality and measures to use less energy.

In the next five years, this will save 237,700 megawatt hours of electricity and 32,000 tonnes of CO2. There will also be improvements for commuters. The change to 100 per cent green traction energy is scheduled for this year. Greenpeace supports ÖBB in its implementation with its expertise.

“ÖBB is Austria’s largest company committed to climate protection. We see ourselves as part of the solution to fight the climate change. Together with Greenpeace we will do all we can to make our trains ‘greener’ and thus even more attractive. Because the more people and goods travel by train, the better it is for our climate. In the long term, we want to operate 100 per cent CO2-neutrally,” says ÖBB’s CEO Andreas Matthä.

According to studies, traffic causes about one third of all greenhouse gases in Austria. Accordingly, an ÖBB train ride is 13 times more climate-friendly than the same trip by car, or 28 times “greener” than by plane. Every tonne of freight carried by rail instead of truck also saves CO2 and pollutes the environment 13 times less than road transport.