“Ocean Alliance” presents its global service offer

If everything works according to plan, the “Ocean Alliance” is ready to commence about 40 east-west trades from April 1st 2017

“Ocean Alliance” presents its global service offer

The members of the “Ocean Alliance”, CMA CGM Group, Cosco Container Lines, Evergreen Line and Orient Overseas Container Line, published the planned service offer of by their own account the world’s largest shipping alliance, on November 3.

The quartet will operate 40 east-west trades, with about 100 ports of call and almost 500 port pairs. The alliance’s fleet of around 350 container vessels with an estimated total carrying capacity of 3.5 million TEU shall meet the requirements of global supply chains and provide high departure frequencies, better transit times and a bigger offer of service loops, ports of call and port pairs.

The service offering in detail:

  • 20 Transpacific service loops, 145 weekly calls, 52 ports


CMA CGM Group will be the number one with its two strong brands CMA CGM and APL.

  • On the Asia – Northern Europe trade: 6 loops, 79 weekly calls and 31 ports


Customers will benefit from the better frequency and improved coverage. The global agency network offers tailored solutions.

  • On the Transatlantic trade: 3 loops, 34 weekly calls and 21 ports


There will be a comprehensive coverage of Northern Europe with direct services from all West Mediterranean countries, a wide Mexican intermodal solution and a connection to the East Mediterranean, Adriatic, Black Sea and North Africa through the Malta hub.

  • On the Asia – Mediterranean trade: 4 loops, 67 weekly calls and 33 ports


Customers will benefit from seamless connections to all Mediterranean outports through an extensive feedering network allowing connections with 4 loops in the CMA CGM dedicated hub in Singapore and best the coverage to North Africa with 13 feeders and 15 weekly calls.

  • On the Asia – Red Sea trade: 2 loops, 21 weekly calls and 12 ports


There will be a full coverage of CMA CGM agencies offering excellent customer service at the origin (China, North Asia, Southeast Asia) as well as at the destination (Djibouti, Ethiopia, Yemen, Sudan, Jeddah, Egypt & Jordan), connecting Northern Europe, the Mediterranean, the Gulf, and the US via the Jeddah hub.

  • On the Asia – Middle East trade: 5 loops, 55 weekly calls and 25 ports


There will be full trade coverage and the best transit times on the market with direct calls in Korea, China, Taiwan and more ports in South East Asia. There will be direct calls in the Middle East Gulf serving 8 countries and giving access to an extensive feedering network ensuring smooth connections.

Recently, the U.S. Federal Maritime Commission and South Korea’s Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries expressed their approval of the Ocean Alliance. Members of the Ocean Alliance will continue to work closely with all the other authorities to secure the necessary regulatory approvals for the Ocean Alliance, reads a press release.