NYK utilises Big Data to achieve CO2 reduction goal

Car carriers and 14,000-TEU containerships equipped with latest energy-saving technologies to improve fuel-efficiency of NYK’s fleet by 15 percent until 2018

NYK utilises Big Data to achieve CO2 reduction goal

The NYK Group utilizes Big Data to achieve its CO2 reduction goal from vessels. In the 2015 fiscal year, NYK achieved a 14.3 percent reduction in CO2 emissions, exceeding the goal established in 2011 in the company’s “More Than Shipping 2013” medium-term management plan calling for a 10 percent reduction by fiscal 2015 in the CO2 emission rate per unit of transportation from vessels compared with the rate recorded in 2010.

NYK started employing its Ship Information Management System (SIMS) on vessels in 2008, before the International Maritime Organization (IMO) tightened regulations on CO2 emissions, and currently utilizes Big Data to reduce fuel consumption. Nowadays, next-generation type car carriers and advanced 14,000-TEU containerships equipped with the latest energy-saving technologies have entered the NYK fleet, and NYK is still making efforts to attain the next goal announced in the company’s “More Than Shipping 2018” medium-term management plan: a 15 percent improvement in fuel-efficiency above the 2010 level by fiscal 2018.