Nexxiot brings transparency to 9,000 VTG tank containers

VTG Tanktainer is one of the world’s largest providers of logistics services for chemicals

Nexxiot brings transparency to 9,000 VTG tank containers Bild: VTG Tanktainer

Starting from spring 2020, Nexxiot, an enabler of the digitised supply chain, will equip VTG’s entire tank container fleet with IoT sensors. The Swiss company recently signed a contract to this effect with VTG Rail Europe GmbH.

All of the currently around 9,000 tank containers will then be equipped with the Globehopper sensors developed by Nexxiot so that they can be located and monitored worldwide. This brings more transparency and planning capability to VTG’s processes and at the same time means added value for its end customers.

“Our solution enables VTG to call up information on the cargo, condition and punctuality of its tank containers at any time. Our service works worldwide and across all modes of transport. In this way, VTG can guarantee its customers more transparent transport for liquid and temperature-controlled products“, says Helmut Kaspers, CEO of Nexxiot.

VTG transports tank containers for the chemical, mineral oil and compressed gas industries worldwide, regardless of the mode of transport. The company specialises in intermodal transport. The IoT sensors provided by Nexxiot therefore meet high safety standards.

The new generation of Globehoppers introduced in May 2019 is certified with the ATEX markings IIC and IIIC. This allows their operation even in areas where there is a constant risk of explosion, especially during the loading and unloading of tank containers.

Jan Röbken, Managing Director at VTG Tanktainer: „Security and transparency in the supply chain are enormously important for our tank containers and we welcome every opportunity to further optimize this. We want to make efficient use of the opportunities offered to us by new technologies. Nexxiot has extensive experience in the digitized supply chain, especially in rail freight, and is now our strategic partner in the digitization of our global tank container fleet“. 

In addition to the IoT hardware Globehopper, Nexxiot has developed a software solution to analyze the information generated. The company offers the complete infrastructure with a cloud-based platform for processing the data from the sensors. For VTG, this information will be fed directly into the company’s systems via an integrated solution from 2020.

So far, Nexxiot has equipped around 50,000 transport objects such as freight wagons and tank containers with sensors worldwide and provides the corresponding service. Between 3,000 and 4,000 objects are being added each month. This gives the company extensive experience in digitising large transport fleets.;