New “whisper bonus” for quiet freight wagons in Austria

From the schedule change in December 2017, particularly quiet freight trains will receive a toll credit

New “whisper bonus” for quiet freight wagons in Austria

Initiated by the Ministry of Transport, a bonus for quiet freight wagons is introduced in Austria. The proposal for a rail tariff depending on the noise emissions was finally approved by the EU Commission.

The new regulation will be implemented by ÖBB Infrastruktur from the annual change of the timetables in December 2017. Trains equipped with whisper brakes will be rewarded with a toll credit of up to EUR 1,700 per wagon.

“Our whisper bonus offers the transport industry an incentive to convert their wagon equipment to quiet brakes. This ensures that the population along the railway line is relieved from noise,” says Jörg Leichtfried, Minister of Transport.

The credit is one cent per whisper axis and kilometre covered. Up to EUR 1,700 per four-axled wagon can be subsidized. This corresponds to the costs incurred when converting a freight wagon with four axles. Thus the operators of loud cars are motivated to switch to quiet brakes.

The whisper bonus is also a subsidy for noise barriers, soundproof windows and rail loops along the railway routes.