New video surveillance increases safety at Gebrüder Weiss

With CargoVIS by DIVIS, the logistics provider speeds up the handling of outgoing goods and clarifies customer complaints, inventory differences and claims

New video surveillance increases safety at Gebrüder Weiss

In the turnover warehouse every minute counts. And it is all the more annoying when time is wasted during truck loading with the search for individual colli. Against this background, the global logistics service provider Gebrüder Weiss has equipped many of their sites with video surveillance solutions. They connect the cameras mounted on the hall gates with the mobile handheld scanners of the employees and the forwarding software.

This “marries” every barcode scan between incoming and outgoing goods with video footage of the particular Collis. If a package can not be found later, its path can seamlessly be traced and localized based on the parcel or consignment number and a special evaluation software.

Through various acquisitions of the rapidly expanding family business, Gebrüder Weiss uses various video systems. However, the three most recent installations at the Memmingen, Wolfurt and Aldingen sites are all from DIVIS. The technology provider headquartered in Bordesholm was able to to beat the competition in the competitive biddings with the solution CargoVIS.

CargoVIS is working around the clock at Gebrüder Weiss and stores the data records consisting of consignment numbers, time stamps and camera positions in a local database. In Memmingen alone, it is accessed about ten times a day. With around 500,000 consignments with more than 1.5 million Colli per year, it frequently happens during loading that drivers can not find individual parcels. In these cases, the drivers turn to a dispatcher who uses CargoVIS and who uses the parcel or consignment number to determine the current position of the Colli in question and provides proof with photos.

The research not only speeds up the processing of outgoing goods, but also clarifies customer complaints, diesel thefts, claims and inventory differences. “Just a few weeks ago, with the help of CargoVIS, we were able to prove to a major customer that we had received less goods than the customer claimed to have delivered,” emphasizes Operations Manager Thomas Schneider.

The data basis in Memmingen is provided by 82 cameras in two halls and 48 additional outdoor cameras, whose video material (3 frames per second) is stored at Gebrüder Weiss for 30 days. With this installation alone, all events at the gates and ramps can be traced, which has a deterrent effect on thieves. “Diesel theft is a thing of the past for us,” confirms Thomas Schneider (pictured left), one of the positive effects of seamless video surveillance.

In addition to the efficient handling of huge amounts of data, the sophistication of CargoVIS is above all in the evaluation software and the targeted control of the respective “correct” camera group. In principle, DIVIS offers two solutions: In the automated version, each barcode scanner is located separately and assigned to the camera group in the respective hall section. Without any further action by the employee, on each scan the camera “with an eye” on the respective goods is assigned, and its images are linked with the consignment number.;