New “set-up” at TNT Innight Austria GmbH

Innight Express Germany takes over the business operations of TNT Innight branches in Germany and Austria

New “set-up” at TNT Innight Austria GmbH

Innight Express Germany GmbH has taken over the business operations of the logistics company TNT Innight GmbH & Co. KG as part of an asset deal. The SSVP III Fonds, consultants of Orlando Management AG, are the associates of Innight Express Germany GmbH. At the same time, TNT Innight Austria GmbH was integrated into the company network. The company, with headquarters in Mannheim and Vienna, has over 1,000 employees and achieved annual turnover of more than EUR 200 million lately.

TNT Innight is specialising on the delivery of time-critical shipments before the start of work via its overnight express network. For this purpose the company has over 30 locations in Germany and Austria. In addition, there are national organisations in the Netherlands and Belgium, where around 300 more people are employed, and who shall be taken over by the group during the 3rd quarter of the year. Together with network cooperations in 15 countries, over 10 million shipments were delivered throughout Europe last year.

Dr. Stephan Rosarius, Board member Orlando Management: “The focus of investors is on a long-term commitment to the German medium-sized companies, with turnover of up to EUR 500 million. The company should have a viable business model and a significant market share in a niche. All this is true for TNT Innight.”

With the takeover of the business operations, the management will be replaced. SSVP III was able to win George and Joachim Kierdorf, two entrepreneurs from Cologne, as co-investors. They will be appointed CEO and COO of the company. Both were managing partners of NVS Kierdorf GmbH, a night express logistics company. In 1998 the family company was sold to Jetservice S.A., which has been integrated into the TNT Group one year after that.In 2000, after further purchases, TNT joined the different Overnight logistics companies in TNT Innight as a single European brand. Dr. Carsten Mehler, Hans-Peter Scheel and Jens Steinbach are completing the new management team.