New rental model offers trucks with drivers as a package solution

Cooperation between Mercedes-Benz CharterWay Austria and Der Metzler eases the driver shortage in the transport industry

New rental model offers trucks with drivers as a package solution

Trucks with drivers in one package – this is the latest offering of a unique cooperation between CharterWay, the truck rental service of Mercedes-Benz, and Der Metzler, the leading provider of a flexible driver network. Since the beginning of the month, the two companies have been offering trucks with drivers on a rental basis.

“Due to peak orders or additional orders, there is often not only a need for vehicles but also for vehicle drivers. In times of driver shortage, we take the initiative here, ” says Doreen Laubsch, Managing Director of Mercedes-Benz Trucks Austria. The goal is to be able to offer customers a complete package.

“This cooperation means absolute flexibility and fixed costs with less risk for our customers,” emphasizes Dietmar Metzler, owner and managing director of Der Metzler. The HR service provider has been providing a flexible drivers network since 1990. More than 300 trained drivers are available for short or long-term use for local or long-distance traffic.

The responsible handling of freight as well as safe and punctual delivery are the main tasks of truck drivers. In addition, they are responsible for the maintenance and care of the vehicles and represent the company of the customers on site at the business partners.

CharterWay Austria currently has a fleet of about 50 very young vehicles. The rental fleet includes the complete range of Mercedes-Benz vehicles, from the Atego to Aroc’s construction vehicles to the Actros semitrailer tractor. The goal is to set up a demand-oriented fleet. Customers can handle on-site temporary orders or bridge delivery times for new vehicles.

The handling of the rental of vehicle including driver is simple: At one of the seven CharterWay rental bases, the rental of the required vehicle takes place. If a driver is desired, Der Metzler will be contacted by the rental office. He then contacts the customer and explains the exact requirements.

The offer is based entirely on the needs of the customer: from short-term rent beginning from 24 hours, but also for longer-term rent over weeks and months. CharterWay takes on the entire management and service around the rented vehicle, Der Metzler coordinates and organizes the right driver for the job.

An advantage for the customer are the fixed costs. For an Actros 1845 LS semitrailer tractor including driver, the weekly tariff starts at 2,100 euros (excluding VAT). The monthly rental fees include maintenance and repairs, statutory inspections, tire replacement and accident handling. In addition, this rate includes the steering of the vehicle by a qualified driver, loading and unloading of the load, and cleaning and maintenance of the vehicle.