New Raben Group warehouse also supplies Austria

Warehouse no. 10 in Gadki, Poland, is suitable for diversified needs of Raben Group customers

New Raben Group warehouse also supplies Austria

On 18 May, Raben Group officially opened a new investment in Gądki. Warehouse no. 10 is an innovative high storage building with the capacity of 20,500 m², suitable for storing 34,000 pallets, with a designated 400 m² area for rendering VAS services and 570 m² of office space. After expansion, Raben Logistics Polska has over 120,000 m² of warehouse capacity in Gądki and offers its customers more than 160,000 pallets places.

“The new investment is the consequence of extended cooperation with one of our key customers, Bolsius International B.V., and the response to their new expectations. Thanks to this, the existing warehouse capacity of Raben Group in Gądki will grow by over 20 per cent,” explains Wojciech Szafran, Area Director of Raben Logistics Polska, and he adds – “We decided jointly to locate Warehouse no. 10 in the area of Poznań because Wielkopolska is still an interesting alternative for warehouses which ship goods to Western European markets.”

“The  increased capacity of the new warehouse at Gadki is the key to optimisation of the  Bolsius supply chain and move closer to our customers,” says Bas Kersten, Supply Manager of Bolsius International. Since 20 April the important  European markets, including Austria and Germany, are now supplied out of the Gadki warehouse.