New name, logo and corporate identity for ECT Rotterdam

Hutchison Ports ECT Rotterdam is now ECT’s new name; the company employs some 2000 people, many of whom work in continuous shifts

New name, logo and corporate identity for ECT Rotterdam

Last year, the ECT parent company Hutchison Port Holdings (HPH) officially presented a new name, logo and corporate identity. The new name is ‘Hutchison Ports’ with the slogan ‘The World’s Leading Port Network’.

The new corporate identity will be introduced at all terminals and ports of Hutchison Ports. ECT will gradually adjust its corporate communications to the new style.

Therefore ECT Delta Terminal and the Euromax Terminal Rotterdam are renamed to respectively Hutchison Ports ECT Delta and Hutchison Ports ECT Euromax. The legal names and entities of the terminals and ports will not change.

The new name and image emphasize the fact that Hutchison Ports offers a worldwide network of terminals and ports, in which the subsidiaries operate as part of the total system. Also a new logo – which symbolizes the position of the company in a rapidly changing world of ports and logistics – was introduced.