New logistics center for forest products in the Baltic port of Kiel

The two Swedish groups SCA Logistics and Iggesund Paperboard are launching their paper handling activities in the Ostuferhafen Kiel

New logistics center for forest products in the Baltic port of Kiel

Kiel’s new forest products handling and distribution centre was put into operation in the Ostuferhafen. This means Kiel has now become an integral part of the logistics chain operated by the Swedish groups Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget (SCA) and Iggesund Paperboard.

Dr Dirk Claus, Managing Director of the Port of Kiel (Seehafen Kiel GmbH & Co. KG) said: “We have created a terminal in the Ostuferhafen which is tailor-made to the requirements of our customers. In addition to that, Kiel’s geographical location fits very well into the SCA liner network”.

SCA’s cargo ships have been approaching the Ostuferhafen once a week from Sundsvall since the start of July, unloading 6,000 tons of forest products with each call. The products range from newsprint to light cardboard for high-value packaging. From Kiel these products are further forwarded within Germany, but also to markets in central Europe. On their return journeys to the Swedish east coast, the SCA ships can transport different types of cargo such as steel, vehicles, building machinery, general or specialised cargo and even materials for recycling.

A total of EUR 25 million have been invested in the Ostuferhafen and 70 new jobs were created, fifty of them at the Port of Kiel’s own handling company. The new forest products centre comprises Warehouse 1 and Warehouse 2, which are each of 10,000 m² – and the somewhat smaller Warehouse 4. Their capacity is complemented by that at Warehouse 8 – the Ferry Boat Hall – which has more than 7,000 m² and has been newly built within striking distance of the shipping berth.

An even bigger hall is currently under construction adjacent to the existing paper product warehouses and the topping- out ceremony for that structure was celebrated in May. It will be known as Warehouse 5 and will be 200 x 90 m in size and boast 18,000 m2 of storage space. It will be inaugurated on October 1st. The official opening of the new SCA logistics centre is set for November 11th.

SCA was established in 1929 and has developed from a pure forest products company into one of the world’s market leaders in the hygiene products sector. SCA develops and manufactures sustainably sourced hygiene, paper tissue and forest products and sells to end users and industry customers in more than 100 countries. As well as the global brands TENA and Tork, regional market brands such as Lotus, Zewa, Tempo and Libero also belong to SCA. The company has its headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden and employs about 44,000 people around the world.