New Kögel trailers for Liebherr-partner Fried-Sped

The freight forwarding company is to receive 20 new semi-trailers to carry high-quality fridges and freezers from the German manufacturer Liebherr

New Kögel trailers for Liebherr-partner Fried-Sped

Fried-Sped Friedrichsohn Internationale Spedition GmbH based in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, is to receive 20 new Kögel semi-trailers. Fifteen Kögel Cargo semi-trailers and another five Kögel Mega trailers will be added to the forwarding company’s fleet. In future, the forwarding company intends to use the new trailers primarily for transporting high-quality fridges and freezers from Liebherr, an internationally recognized manufacturer. 

The Kögel Cargo and Kögel Mega trailers come with a high degree of individualisation. Even the standard Kögel Cargo and Mega semi-trailers come with benefits such as low maintenance costs and high-quality workmanship, as reported by the company.

All 20 trailers are optionally equipped as per Daimler Directive 9.5. This includes steel pallet limiting rails and a double front-wall bulkhead. On request, the rear of the trailers can also be fitted with reinforced steel rubber bumpers for enhanced bump protection.

Most of the new semi-trailers are equipped with mechanically adjustable corner posts that can each be moved sideways 500 millimetres to allow easier loading and unloading. Further custom equipment includes a toolbox, five pairs of load-securing slots on the rear corner posts, a rain guard on the end frame and a host of other features.,,