New intermodal service between Venice and Lübeck

Venice Port, Lübeck Port and Grimaldi Group have recently signed an agreement to strengthen the SCANMED corridor

New intermodal service between Venice and Lübeck

An agreement has been signed between the Venice Port Authority, the Lübeck Port Authority (Lübecker Hafen-Gesellschaft – LHG) and the Grimaldi Group for the creation of an intermodal connection (ship + train + ship) via the ports of Venice and Lübeck to connect the Adriatic & the Baltic Seas, meaning Sweden, Finland and Russia with southern Italy and Greece.

The joint goal of the involved parties is an ideal connection by daily train departures in both directions to the several ferry arrivals and departures in the mentioned ports.

Freight will be transported onboard Grimaldi ro/ro vessels  linking  three times a week the port of Patras (Greece) with Venice, where it will be loaded on/off a direct train to the port of Lübeck in northern Germany, acting as a gate to the Baltic Sea Region. From there, freight will be shipped through ferry connections to/from the Scandinavian countries, the Baltic States and Russia.