New General Manager of Hödlmayr High & Heavy

Wolfgang Aigner succeeds Michael Wöckinger and assumes responsibility for the fully owned Hödlmayr International AG subsidiary

New General Manager of Hödlmayr High & Heavy

On 1 October 2018, Wolfgang Aigner took up his post as the General Manager of the fully owned Hödlmayr International AG subsidiary, Hödlmayr High & Heavy GmbH. He has thus succeeded Michael Wöckinger, who has moved on to pursue fresh professional challenges.

Wolfgang Aigner (35) was born in Schwertberg, Upper Austria, where Hödlmayr International is headquartered and this career leap also marks his fifteenth year as a Hödlmayr Group employee. Having passed A-Level examinations at the Perg Commercial College, Wolfgang Aigner joined Hödlmayr Logistics Austria as a planner in 2003. Since then, he has worked his way steadily upwards; firstly in Client Service Management and then as the head of the Driver Support Team and International Transport Planning. He has now become the Hödlmayr High & Heavy General Manager and in this position has assumed immediate responsibility for the 25-strong administrative team and hence answerability for 120 special vehicle transporters and annual sales revenues of EUR 25 million.

Wolfgang Aigner describes his targets as follows: “I have taken over an extremely well managed area and therefore it goes without saying that I wish to maintain the current high level of customer service quality and cooperation. Moreover, above all I will be relying on a functioning team with a strong sense of belonging, as this provides the basis for meeting the major future challenges in our forwarding market environment.”

Hödlmayr CEO, Johannes Hödlmayr, is clearly pleased by the Wolfgang Aigner’s General Manager appointment: “With Wolfgang Aigner we have a genuine professional, who owing to his comprehensive experience is fully aware of all the internal needs and external expectations relating to his new post.”

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