New DKV service for minimum wage in France

DKV supports transport companies with completion of formalities for minimum wage detection

New DKV service for minimum wage in France

Effective July 23 the French government demands that foreign, not independent truck drivers who begin or end their transportations in France, carry proof (sending form) about the receipt of the French minimum wage. In addition, any company that sends drivers to France, needs a French agent. DKV Euro Service supports its customers now with completing the application forms and provides a local representative for DKV customers.

The sending form must be completed by every driver, who works in cross-border traffic to and from France and cabotage in France. Transit traffic remains excluded. The driver must keep a paper copy of the sending form in the vehicle. Additional copies have to be deposited with the agent in France and with the sending company (physical or digital). In addition, the driver must carry with him a copy of his or her employment contract and proof of payment of salaries.

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