Mukran Port: Infrastructure development for growing projects

The further expansion of the port will enable heavy cargo business with the long-term business partner Universal Transport

Mukran Port: Infrastructure development for growing projects


Against the background of the growing project and heavy cargo business, Germany’s easternmost deep-water port is pushing ahead the expansion of its infrastructure. Representatives from Mukran Port and Universal Transport, one of the leading heavy-cargo logistics companies, together analysed the potential of the port and the conditions for further growth in this business segment. Above all, the expansion of the areas in the port and the road transport in the hinterland are important factors for further development.

“We have to expand our infrastructure – especially areas and berths – aaccording to the requirements of our customers. The exchange and cooperation with experts such as Universal Transport are essential for this. After our talks, we see our plans confirmed,” says Harm Sievers, Managing Director Fährhafen Sassnitz GmbH.

Holger Dechant, Managing Director of Universal Transport says: “The Mukran Port has recognised the signs of the future. For us as a heavy-cargo logistics provider, the right infrastructure is crucial, and so is the location and accessibility of the port. Every kilometer of road construction is an advantage for Mukran. I see a great advantage of the port in the short transit times, especially in the direction of Scandinavia – a market that is also very interesting for us.”

There has been a long-standing cooperation between Mukran Port and Universal Transport, which has grown mainly through the joint Russian business. In the future, potential joint projects could be the transport of wind turbines. The heavy-cargo logistics specialist is very active in this area in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. The increasingly large components can not always be transported on the road and find their way through the ports more and more often.