More trucks on the rolling road with Rail Cargo Group

Preparations have been made for a potential introduction of the sectorial driving ban in Tyrol

More trucks on the rolling road with Rail Cargo Group

The trains of the rolling road operated by the Rail Cargo Group, the cargo division of the ÖBB group, showed a satisfying balance for the year  2015. At 154,860 transported truck units, 10,724 trucks or 7.4 per cent more were handled on the rolling road than in 2014. Capacity utilisation of the trains also increased from  83.3 per cent in  2014 to  84.9 per cent in  2015.

In total the Rail Cargo Group operates 32 daily rolling road trains on the Brenner corridor in both senses. Between Wörgl and the  Brennersee terminal there are 28 trains, and four more daily trains between  Wörgl and Trient/Trento .

The  Rail Cargo Group is by its own accounts an expert and market leader throughout Europe, in terms of handling rolling roads. As the slightly increasing transport figures are showing, the rolling road has well established on the  Brenner pass. Whereas in 2013 the ÖBB carried 131,044 trucks on the railway, they carried 144,136 and 154,860 trucks in 2014 and last year, respectively. Preparations have been made regarding a potential introduction of the sectorial driving. The terminal in Wörgl has been modernised and expanded during the past years, and can handle additional trains if required. Also the  Brennersee terminal was adjusted and equipped with an additional truck parking, a modern truck balance and a new operational building.

The Rail Cargo Group operates international and national accompanied combined transports and is the biggest provider of rolling roads in Europe. In this special transport system entire trucks including drivers can cover segments of their route in an environmentally friendly mode on the railway