Missing trailers to delay the first RailRunner block train

The launch date for the block train connection between Braunschweig and Bratislava will shortly be fixed

Missing trailers to delay the first RailRunner block train

As there were not enough craneable mega trailers available to start, the new block train service between Braunschweig-port and Bratislava has been delayed. “RailRunner Europe GmbH is currently working under high pressure to support the affected customers and to provide suitable trailers” said Gerhard Oswald, Managing Director of the subsidiary of the American RailRunner NA Inc.

RailRunner will connect with this new block train connection between Braunschweig-Port and BratislavaPort two strong economic regions with a highly productive and almost 800 kilometre long rail route. “The demand is substantial. Our offer is ideal for the automotive logistics, their suppliers as well as producers and trade partners of white and brown goods, from machine and machine components or consumer goods” said Gerhard Oswald, “Rolling materials, tracks and terminals were available. The start for the first block train connection will shortly be fixed”

RailRunner’s block train offer enables the transport industry to ship craneable mega trailers, swap bodies and containers between two strong economic regions.