Milšped Group from Serbia starts operating in Germany

Milšped GmbH with its main office in Munich has become operational in April 2016

Milšped Group from Serbia starts operating in Germany

Milšped Group is expanding its business on the European market by opening a firm in Germany. This move by the regional leader in logistics in the Balkans region is a clear indicator that the Group is determined to realize its 2016 target – namely, initiating business on the German market, where it will apply the experience acquired during its 22 years of operating in transportation and logistics.

As the initial part of its strategic plan for this market, the Milšped Group is to carry out the services of shipping and distribution within the framework of the automobile industry, for which this European country is renowned in the world. The services of distribution and transporting include the following: shipping vehicles throughout Germany, followed by shipping vehicles from Germany to the larger ports within the region, as well as round trip transportation to Germany. This endeavor will help sustain the Group’s standing with its clients/partners – world leaders in vehicle production.

Planned in the following stage is the establishment of LC/HUB for groupment shipping, that is, a collecting point for distributing goods throughout Germany, and a vehicle warehouse. This will be followed by the intensification of all services, in order to offer clients a unique integrated logistical support in full, such as the one which is already developed in Serbia and the countries within the region.

“Considering that Germany is a great power, as well as the most significant market in the EU, and at the same time also the largest European exporter, our expectations are to expand our global network by means of the new firm, as well as to be closely linked with the main logistical flows of Europe. The new position will contribute to the Group’s further expansion and the increase of its business influence, along with optimization and a decrease of logistical costs for our clients,” the Milšped Group’s representatives pointed out.

Data on the business of Milšped Group:

Number of employees:


Annual income (million EUR):


Storage facilities (m²):

109,300 m² of closed storage space
38,000 m² of open storage space

Transportation fleet (number of vehicles):

650 vehicles

Customs branch offices (number of locations):


Number of shipments in international road transportation:

50.188 FTL , 10.601 LTL

Number of TEU:

9,096 import/export

Number of shipments in air transportation:


Number of daily customs operations:


Number of daily shipments in national distribution: