Lower Austria: New drivers academy for 100 young adults

Initiative by WKNÖ, AMS NÖ and AKNÖ enables people aged 19-25 to have a qualified vocational training

Lower Austria: New drivers academy for 100 young adults

As an action regarding the massive demand for skilled workers in the freight transport industry, the project of the new drivers academy “Berufslenker Akademie” will be launched in autumn 2018. Over the next three years, 100 fully trained specialists will emerge from this initiative jointly presented by the public institutions Arbeitsmarktservice Niederösterreich (AMS), Arbeiterkammer Niederösterreich (AKNÖ) and Wirtschaftskammer Niederösterreich (WKNÖ).

“Many companies would like to apply for a concession extension as a result of the good economy, but because of the lack of suitable drivers, they have to leave trucks standstill. We urgently need domestic skilled workers”, WKNÖ President Sonja Zwazl describes the dilemma. The fact that the driver profession itself has to fight with image problems and the excessive bureaucracy is becoming more and more aggravating.

The training includes a mix of theory and practice, learning support and coaching if required, the completion of the driving license of the class C, E and C95 as well as the preparation for the apprenticeship.

“As part of Lower Austria’s Berufslenker Akademie, young adults have the opportunity to complete their apprenticeship as professional drivers within half the apprenticeship time, that is, within 18 months at the latest”, explains AMS NÖ Country Managing Director Sven Hergovich.

AK Lower Austria President Markus Wieser emphasises: “At this academy, all those involved, ie both the transport companies and, of course, the participants, profit to a high degree. The recognised apprenticeship certificate ensures that highly trained specialists are trained here.”