LogServ repairs special wagon of the Daher company within a record time

Detailed documents in advance and their active and constructive cooperation with the customer formed the basis for this successful repair

LogServ repairs special wagon of the Daher company within a record time

Within just three weeks, the LogServ wagon workshop team has made a carrier of the Daher logistics company afloat again. The 62 meter long vehicles are mainly used for the transport of large transformers. By means of their hydraulic devices, it is possible to move the central part with the load to the left and right.

Only a few garages are able to properly repair carrying trolleys. The employees of the LogServ Wagon Workshop have the required know-how and took over the order from the company Daher. Although ultimately only three weeks were available instead of the planned repair period of two months due to challenges in the transfer, the vehicle was ready for use by the agreed date.

After a brief technical training by the employees of Daher, Helmut Paukner and Markus Lehner, both welders working in the wagon workshop with a lot of experience in special projects, tackled the repair work. In addition to the rehabilitation of the substructure, straightening work on the wagon frame and the repair of the lateral displacement, the refurbishment of the hydraulic cylinders was successfully completed in cooperation with the LogServ commercial vehicle workshop.