LogServ: Premiere of a four-axled works locomotive

In April LogServ (Logistik Service GmbH) added a newly developed locomotive by Gmeinder to its fleet

LogServ: Premiere of a four-axled works locomotive

In the first few days, the 1004.01 works locomotive, tailor-made and optimised for use at the voestalpine plant in Linz, meets already the high expectations. Four axles and a high service weight of 90 tonnes provide increased power transmission for improved traction and a quiet, track-saving run.

The main area of operation of the 1004.01 works locomotive lies in the area of the coking plant, where heavy raw material trains (ore, coal …) are manipulated – partly by radio remote control. The proven start-stop technology reduces diesel consumption, CO2 emissions and maintenance costs.

Among other materials, steel from the voestalpine Steel & Service Center was used to build this locomotive. The heavy plate was cut, worked on and straightened exactly to the requirements of the German locomotive engineer. Therefore voestalpine’s steel is increasingly used in locomotives for other Gmeinder customers, resulting in a positive cycle for all involved.

Another locomotive of this series will be delivered in September and will probably be seen on 4 October at the VABU railway conference in Krems as part of a vehicle exhibition. At the end of 2019, the plant railway locomotives 1004.03 and 1004.04 are to complete the fleet.