“Logistics is the central nervous system of the domestic economy”

Basic Positioning of the Logistics Working Committee defines the current and upcoming challenges in Austria

“Logistics is the central nervous system of the domestic economy” Bild: Austria Forum Fotolia

In order for logistics to be able to exploit its potential as an economic and job engine for Austria in the future too, politicians must design the necessary framework conditions to enable forward-looking and efficient logistics. In the basic positioning presented on November 26, all institutions of the Logistics Working Committee, which has been in existence since 2014, have agreed on the following priorities that address the current and upcoming challenges of logistics:

-) use digitization.

-) strengthen research and development.

-) develop location, infrastructure and spatial planning.

-) forcing multimodality effectively and efficiently.

-) attractive training and future careers in response to the skills shortage.

-) push perception and image.

-) ensure continuity in development.

Federal Minister Reichhardt welcomes the fact that all interest groups and relevant representations of interest in the field of logistics work together for the logistics location Austria: “Logistics is the central nervous system of the domestic economy, connecting people, companies and goods. The constructive cooperation of all major players in the Logistics Working Committee is exemplary. The present basic positioning is an important step towards the interest perception of our logistics location.”

The aim of the common basic positioning is to ensure a positive development of the Austrian logistics location in the interests of the population and the economy. In order to take advantage of these opportunities, the Logistics Working Committee and the Logistics Officer in the Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology (BMVIT) will be at the disposal of the future Federal Government or for the operationalization of the government program as an advisory, informing expert committee for logistics matters.

The entire basic positioning is available at: https://www.austrianlogistics.at/de/news.html

The Logistics Working Committee is made up of representatives of the following institutions:

· Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology BMVIT

· Federal Chamber of Labour AK

· Federal Association Logistics Austria BVLÖ

· Industrial Association IV

· Austrian Trade Union Federation ÖGB

· Association Network Logistics VNL

· Economic Chamber Austria WKÖ

· Central Association Forwarding and Logistics ZV

The Logistics Working Committee has for the first time succeeded in forming a platform for politics, business, social partners and science in the field of freight transport and logistics. In order to sustainably strengthen the logistics location of Austria, it is important to continue this dialogue successfully in the future as well.