Logistics company cargo-partner bets on in-house IT competence

The logistics provider connects with its clients’ systems to automate processes and streamline collaboration by means of electronic data interchange

Logistics company cargo-partner bets on in-house IT competence Bild: cargo-partner

To streamline communication and promote smooth operations along the supply chain, cargo-partner relies on EDI (electronic data interchange) and API (Application Programming Interface) connections. Those connections can be set up for a range of purposes: transport and purchase orders, shipment updates and invoice settlement, customs clearance, parcel shipments and warehouse logistics. An already high and steadily growing number of cargo-partner’s clients make use of automated data exchange solutions to save time, reduce administrative effort and minimize costs.

Setting up these connections simplifies collaboration in the warehouse, guarantees automated order transmission and parcel tracking, enables fast customs processing, simplifies invoice processing and immediate forwarding of tracking updates. Customers like the Austrian injection molding machine manufacturer Engel, Nuki Home Solutions, Makita, an international engine manufacturer and a European DIY retailer are already making use of these solutions.

In addition to speeding up business processes, these automated data exchange solutions reduce handling costs, minimise the risk of errors and improve overall customer satisfaction thanks to higher process quality and fast feedback. Christian Polanyi emphasises: “Our integration services are just one aspect of our tailor-made end-to-end solutions. With our comprehensive range of IT innovations, we support our clients in streamlining their logistics processes throughout the entire supply chain.”