Logistician quartet becomes partner of SBB Cargo

The Swiss companies Planzer, Camion Transport, Galliker and Bertschi together acquire 35 percent of the shares in the Swiss railway company

Logistician quartet becomes partner of SBB Cargo Bild: SBB Cargo

In September 2018, the state-owned Swiss railway company SBB announced its intention to identify partner companies for SBB Cargo and to involve them in the freight transport company with a minority interest. This with the aim of making SBB Cargo more entrepreneurial in the transport market. On January 1st, 2019, SBB Cargo was positioned as an independent group company within the SBB Group.

The Swiss logistics companies Planzer (5,300 employees, 1,900 vehicles, 68 branches), Camion Transport (1,400 employees, 630 vehicles, 14 branches), Galliker (2,850 employees, 2,120 vehicles, 18 branches) and Bertschi (3,050 employees, 1,100 vehicles, 77 branches ) handle considerable business volumes in national and international road and rail freight transport.

With the common goal of achieving a sustainable division of traffic between road and rail and a competitive Swiss freight railway, the four Swiss logistics providers decided to pursue an interest in SBB Cargo through the joint company Swiss Combi.

Holding a 65 percent share, the SBB Group remains the majority shareholder of SBB Cargo. SBB Cargo’s Board of Directors will be formed by three representatives of the SBB Group, two representatives of Swiss Combi and an independent Board of Directors.

Every year, SBB Cargo AG transports around 29.8 million net tonnes of goods in truckload, block train and combined transport within Switzerland. SBB Cargo AG’s sales in the previous year amounted to CHF 742 million. The fleet comprises 5,324 freight wagons, 313 routes and 76 shunting locomotives. SBB Cargo AG was founded in 1999 as a private-law corporation as a subsidiary of SBB and had 2,275 employees in the Swiss business by the end of 2018. The head office is in Olten.