Lineas is launching an Operations Center in Mainz

The private rail freight and door-to-door logistics solutions provider continues to focus on Germany

Lineas is launching an Operations Center in Mainz

In view of the importance of the market to its Green Xpress Network, Lineas is expanding its operations in Germany with the opening of an Operations Center in Mainz. The company with headquarters in Brussels already has an office with commercial and operational teams in Mainz, a strategic location in the Rotterdam – Antwerp – Rhine/Ruhr region triangle, where 40% of the European chemical industry is located.

The new Operations Center in Mainz will monitor the 200 or so Lineas trains that travel in and through Germany every week and will meet the demand from the German and European market for an even more direct local point of contact.

“Our German team is growing steadily so that we can maintain close contact with our customers. We are also investigating the possibility of offering products that are aimed specifically at the German market. In the near future, we also want to add our own shunters and shunting locomotives to our team. With the Operations Center we can offer the support required for this so that we can expand the Green Xpress Network efficiently and with quality,” says Jan Elfenhorst, Director of European Sales & Business Development and General Manager of Lineas Germany.

The Operations Center effectively opened its doors on 1 September and has assumed the role of coordinator between the customer, infrastructure managers, drivers, stations and other parties. Alongside a direct point of contact for customers, external partners can also now be managed more efficiently so that journeys run even more smoothly.

A Green Xpress product is an end-to-end solution involving the bundling of different types of freight, ranging from steel, chemical substances and consumer goods to pallets and containers. With these bundled loads, Lineas capitalises fully on the strengths of rail: the sustainable transportation of large volumes over average/long distances and with a high frequency. The GXN offering was launched in 2014 and now has 16 connections, including the Cologne Shuttle, the Mannheim Xpress and the Saxony Xpress.