Lebert & Co. moves under the umbrella of the Noerpel Group

Closing of ranks of medium-sized logistics providers; Noerpel Group will be holding Lebert shares from 1 January 2019

Lebert & Co. moves under the umbrella of the Noerpel Group

The locations of the Lebert & Co. group in Kempten and Baienfurt / Bad Waldsee (Ravensburg area), and the companies of the Noerpel group in Kempten and Ravensburg are going to merge their business. This was announced by André Biwer, Managing Director Lebert, and Stefan Noerpel-Schneider, Managing Partner of the Noerpel Group, in Ulm on 3 September. The shares of all Lebert & Co. companies will be held by the Noerpel Group from 1 January 2019.

In the Kempten and Ravensburg area, the business of both companies will be bundled at the Lebert sites in Kempten and Baienfurt / Bad Waldsee. They will be headed by the managing directors André Biwer (currently Managing Director Lebert), Peter Steidle (currently also managing director Lebert) and Carsten Löhmann (currently branch manager at the Noerpel location Ravensburg). They will shape and accompany the whole integration process. Despite the size of the company, the medium-sized structure of the individual companies will remain unchanged.

By combining theis business, both companies expect great advantages: “Lebert and Noerpel can use their resources together for targeted and efficient market development. This strengthens our position in the respective regions, which we want to expand,” said André Biwer.

Lebert employs around 500 people at its Kempten, Baienfurt / Bad Waldsee and Kreuzlingen locations in Switzerland. The staff was informed about the plans on Monday. André Biwer: “Every single employee will be needed in the future as well. We are committed to leading Lebert & Co. and its employees to a good, secure future.”

Employees from the forwarding sector at the Noerpel locations in Kempten and Ravensburg are offered to be working in the nearby properties of Lebert GmbH in Kempten and in Baienfurt / Bad Waldsee from the first quarter of 2019. “This enables us to merge our expertise in the field of freight forwarding and our fleet of vehicles,” explained Stefan Noerpel-Schneider, Managing Partner of the Noerpel Group. “Only with a strong team that works well together, an expanded fleet and a modern IT and building structure, we will be able to achieve sustainable production, high network security and very good quality.”

The Noerpel Group is one of the leading logistics providers in southern Germany. Together with Lebert, the company has a total of 15 locations, seven of them in Baden-Württemberg and three in Bavaria. The affiliate companies will not be affected by the merger. “We continue to rely on proven networks and thus also on the cooperation with IDS and CargoLine,” says Stefan Noerpel-Schneider. Noerpel is co-founder and partner of the German general cargo cooperation IDS (Association of German Freight Forwarders). Lebert & Co. is a shareholder of CargoLine.

The Lebert & Co. group was founded in 1954 and joined CargoLine in 1999. Its approximately 500 employees move the goods on a handling area of ​​17,000 m² and a logistics area of ​​more than 50,000 m². All three houses are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001: 2008 including HACCP concept and logistic services, DIN EN ISO 14001, 14064, DIN EN 16258, IFS and s.a.f.e. The Kempten and Baienfurt / Bad Waldsee locations are also recognised as Authorized Economic Operators (AEO) of the highest level.

The Noerpel Group is headquartered in Ulm. There and at its locations in Elsdorf, Freiburg, Hamburg, Hanover, Hilden, Heidenheim, Herbrechtingen, Munich, Kempten, Passau, Ravensburg and Villingen-Schwenningen approximately 1,800 people are employed. The fourth generation of the family-run company links the transport and logistics sectors with comprehensive co-packing services and its own temporary employment agency. Since 2012, Kentner Auto-Spedition GmbH & Co. KG, and since 2014 Ascherl-Noerpel GmbH & Co. have been part of the corporate group, which generated sales of over EUR 315 million in 2017.

www.lebert.com; www.noerpel.de